Workshops, Education & Facilitation

I  facilitate creative activities that support development.  I often work in areas where there are social, personal or environmental issues to be explored, using visual arts, drama, music, photography, creative writing or film to achieve this. The work varies between the facilitation & delivery of a creative session to assisting planning and development for a group’s project.

I have been designing & delivering these bespoke creative
sessions since 2003.

From these experiences I have devised a modular series of both Creative and Divergent Thinking techniques & Problem Solving exercises, sourcing some of these techniques from Wim Wenders, Robert Anton Wilson, Edward de Bono and many other sources.
These are deliverable to everyone from Pre-School to adults.

My sessions have been used for Community Engagement & Consultation, to facilitate Networking sessions, Staff Development
and to help organisations develop their own projects.

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Community Engagment at
The Green Backyard

Creative Thinking with young people

Group Facilitation

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