Artist Statement

Currently studying an MA in Photography at Central Saint Martins.
I am a photographer, image-maker & facilitator based in East Anglia, collaborating with a diverse
range of people and groups, including delivering participatory programmes, events  and projects.

I am passionate about the still and moving photographic images as a means of communicating
the mutability of experienced reality, photogenic reality, and a possible spiritual reality.

The photograph is a token of truth, but as a currency its value fluctuates and is transformed each time
it is exchanged. The work transmutes from object to sign and back again, the familiar with the exotic,
the mundane and the mythical.

Techniques can be taken from stories, ideas, music or language to inspire proposition, process and method.

I am interested in the idea of  'event' as ritual or ceremony, and the confluence of shared experience
with personal experience.

I am committed to empowering women and men by bringing people together to forge communities, develop
creative skills, facilitate our reconciliation with nature and ultimately to contribute to individual and social transformation.

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