These images are constructed from reclaimed 35mm transparencies. Images are sourced from holiday snapshots, special interest collections and family life. This set also uses images from a set of slides recovered from the now closed Peakirk Wildfowl Centre in Glinton. The wildfowl site was in operation from 1946 to 2001 and has since lain derelict with rotting or burnt out buildings and overgrown ponds and paths. During a visit there collaborator Simon James discovered a draw full of slides with images of the site. The slides sat in various draws, damp, damaged and dirty. The juxtaposition of images from Peakirk Wildfowl Trust and reclaimed images from anonymous collections purchased on eBay were constructed during Autumn 2013 and the result was this collection. As I layered the images the shots of people in various poses seemed to build a narrative somewhat like fashion editorial, a concept which then informed the rest of the process, including the sense of winter.

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