Walk This Way: every journey.

Foot-washing is an act and a ritual which has appeared in many traditions and cultures across civilisation. This offering was of the experience, in collaboration with each participant, to explore the strength, potential and stories our feet have and to create a moment of quiet reflection in a unique space. Each participant had a foot-massage & wash. Luke then captured the sole of their foot photographically using a simple desktop scan-print-copy device, the results of which will be displayed in an exhibition and a book. This performative and photographic piece was possible with support from trained massage therapist Lauren Patrick and qualified nurse Anna Bunten.
The performance  took  place in the ‘Lady’s Chapel’ in St. John the Baptist’s Church in Cathedral Square, on Saturday May 23rd 2015 from 12-4pm.

‘Every Journey’ is a creative response to the theme of ‘Sustainable Transport’
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